There are many places to find reader reviews on the web, but it can be a challenge to know which are truly independent.

The reader reviews offered through BookBrowse’s First Impressions program are trustworthy because only our members can post them. Members have the opportunity to request books to read months ahead of publication in exchange for their honest opinion. They can request specific titles but the books are assigned by an algorithm. This approach helps ensure that the overall consensus will not be influenced by readers with personal connections to the author.

It also results in candid, thoughtful perspectives from our members that give a glimpse of the experiences they’ve had with a book. By seeing the similarities in reader reactions and opinions, you can better decide if a book is one you’re likely to enjoy. And with all of the reviewed books available, you’re sure to find many that appeal to you.

Below are this year’s First Impressions titles. If you’d like to see more books, we have reviews of over 750 available for you to browse!

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