Awkward, biting, shameless, wildly improper, aroused, maybe even dangerous—these are just a few ways to describe Fungirl, the genial always outrageous protagonist of Pich’s irresistibly trashy graphic novel. The book follows Fungirl, Becky, her roommate/ex-girlfriend, and Peter, Becky’s overly nice boyfriend, through an illuminating series of grimly funny escalating interpersonal calamities, and hilarious social blunders. In this 8-page excerpt Peter makes the mistake of inviting Fungirl to accompany him and Becky to an office picnic. High jinks ensue, including the disturbing revelation—by Peter—that Fungirl and Becky were once a couple and had a way-better sex life! Fungirl by Elizabeth Pich will be published by Silver Sprocket this month.

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