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Marly T.

Sisters of the Great War

Suzanne Feldman takes us on an adventure with more downs than ups, but dowsed in wartime reality. Many times I felt the chill and the mud of Ypres as our characters worked. This historical fiction is immersive in WWI, and also in the lives of these two sisters. I commend Feldman for her research and prose. The differences between WWII and “the Great War” are worth reading about, especially if you love all the wonderful Kristin Harmel, now Lisa Scottoline, and other talented authors who unveil the stories of WWII so eloquently. If you read some of the medical breakthroughs in Civil War stories, you’ll learn differences in those conflicts, too. Give Ruth and Elise Duncan a try. I enjoyed their feminism and bravery. I will continue to imagine the injured soldiers using their new medals as Christmas tree ornaments. A memorable work of historical fiction that would give any book club a lot to discuss.

Cheryl P. (Lebanon, PA)

Sisters of the Great War

Thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel. Quite the page turner of finding love and strength in the chaos of war.

Linda M. (Lititz, PA)

Sisters of the Great War

I really enjoyed reading this book about two sisters from the US who volunteered for duty during WWI in France one as a nurse and one as one of the many female ambulance drivers. I found the characters very interesting and surprised by some of the situations these women had to work through and think extremely fast on their feet. I really enjoy reading historical fiction, although this did have some true things that happened taken from diaries and notes kept during this period of time. This book also contained romances the sisters both found themselves in during the war. I recommend this book for anyone who enjoys reading historical fiction, those interested in life during WW I, book clubs and anyone interested reading a good book with more Women’s views during WW I.

Carrie D. (Freeport, ME)

Great historical fiction

This is a very well written book about 2 sisters during World War 1. They grew up during a male dominated time in history, yet both of them chose non-traditional life trajectories. It was so interesting to read the obstacles they encountered, and it was enthralling to get such detailed descriptions of how it was on the front line during the Great War.

Judith C. (Santa Rosa, CA)

Sisters of the Great War

I and seem to be on a Great War kick. The last book I reviewed was about a Great War nurse. But this book is totally different. I found it more absorbing and informative,plus it is a real page turner. I felt at times that I was on the front and in the hospital. Both sisters are involved in the war effort, one as a nurse and the other as an ambulance driver. Both sisters had wonderfully interesting story lines. Highly recommended.

Carole P. (Natick, MA)

Sisters of the Great War

Let me start by saying I loved this book. I do have 2 criticisms so let me get them out of the way

This book needed to be longer It should have been fleshed out more. The reader has just been through an intense ride with the author, then everything is neatly tied up in a few pages and the book is done. I kept looking for more to read. So while the book is a wonderful read, it ends too abruptly and felt rushed.

The two sex scenes were unneeded and distracting. I don’t want to do a spoiler,so I will just say they felt contrived. However, I would love to read more books about these sisters and an in-depth look at women’s challenges during the 1920’s.
I highly recommend Sisters of the Great War and look forward to the authors next book!

Freya H. (Phoenix, AZ)

Sisters of the Great War

Although there were parts of this book that were extremely difficult to read (war is not for the faint of heart), I found the story engaging, and the two sisters admirable in their dedication, sacrifice, and resilience as they performed heroic tasks in the brutal conflict of WWI. That women played such a critical role in the Great War is
clearly defined. To read this book is well worth your time.

Gail K. (Saratoga Springs, NY)

A winner!

Many novels using WWI as a backdrop have flooded the book world recently, but this one stands out. The authentic characters and the portrayal of the stark reality of war had me turning page after page. Though it is always difficult to read about the devastation of war, Feldman’s powerful descriptions are never gratuitous, and she includes just enough romance to maintain our faith in humankind. This one is a winner!

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